ChinaHoster does not have a fully-fledged reseller hosting plan (with WHM account for creating directly cPanel accounts for clients). We do however work with IT firms and other companies who need to set up hosting accounts and manage these accounts on behalf of end personal or business clients.

Our accredited reseller partners obtain a discount code which allows them to obtain a discount on each order they place through our website. There is no monetary payout or credit, only discounts that are applied each time a hosting account is purchased.

Resellers are free to bill the end clients at the same price as us (their profit is the discount), or even charge a higher fee to the client in case they do not know about ChinaHoster.

To qualify as a reseller partner, you will need to already have three hosting accounts with us. The discount code will apply from the fourth active service only.

To learn more about our accredited reseller program, please contact us.

Our patners