Web Designers

ChinaHoster looks to work with web designers in China, Hong Kong and abroad who have clients with China-optimized web hosting needs. We have a special partnership program for our web design partners which is a win-win for all three parties above: the web designer, the client and ChinaHoster

How does it work?

Upon becoming a web design partner, we will provide you with a unique discount code. Clients who order with such code will receive a discount when placing the order through our website.

ChinaHoster has a one-time commission for each client referred using this code that will be credited to the web designer account. This can be used as credit for web hosting or you can withdraw through Paypal or bank transfer.

Web Design Partner Database

We will be adding also a page with our web design partner firms on our website. ChinaHoster does not offer website design, yet as a web host we receive all the time inquiries from clients who are looking not only for hosting but for someone to help them with designing their website. We can therefore refer such inquiries to our web design partners which means additional business for them.

To learn more about our web design partner program or to apply to become one, please contact us.

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